Local Lead Generation

Lead generation is the key to any businesses success. That’s where local lead generation comes in. When someone needs something done, like fence repair, a remodeling job, pool resurfacing, or a roofer, they normally grab their phone and type what they need into Google and call one of the first few people in the results page. Those businesses are generally the most profitable and enjoy regular growth through new clients and later repeat and referral business.

97% of consumers rely on the internet when researching local services, and only 8% of users ever make it to the second page of Google. For consumers in the discovery phase of finding a local business, being on the first page of Google is a huge competitive advantage.

How does it work?

Local lead generation has a bunch of working parts and ranking in the top 5 in Google are certainly not an easy task and they cannot be bought. If a company says they can sell you the top spot or are guaranteeing it, be very aware. Google has a few ad spaces at the top, but the map pack and top organic spots are based on trust.

Is It Easy?

Short answer: No. There are hundreds of indicators that the search engines take into account when ranking a page. Things like domain age, content, back links, and mobile responsiveness come into play. You can’t just put up a website and a few pictures and expect to get into the top Search Engine Results Pages. Some companies spend tens of thousands of dollars a month to stay in the top 5 for their keywords.

How Long Does It Take?

Local Lead Generation takes time because nothing happens in the search engines quickly. A website has to make some changes, wait for them to be noticed, make a few more improvements, wait to be noticed, get a few social shares, wait for those to be noticed. The quickest I’ve seen a page start ranking was 3 weeks in a very low competition keyword on low priced services. The higher competition keywords like real estate or lawyers can take months or longer depending on how competitive the search terms are.