Local Lead Gen

What is Local Lead Generation?

Local lead generation is the newest trend in Search Engine Optimization. The search engines use the users location when searching for a service to provide relevant local businesses in the area. The businesses that show up in the top results get the benefit of producing valuable leads that other sites that rank lower don’t get.

You may have seen this in action before and not even realized it. These fence companies generate far more leads than anyone else because they are at the top of the search results and easy to contact. The three companies in the map could generate more leads by also having a website, which would be located right next to the “call” button.


These spots on Google are called “organic rankings” and often generate more leads than the paid ads do as many people trust them more than an ad.

  • 70% of online searches use local results to find an offline business
  • More than 50% of mobile searches are used to find a local business
  • 20% of every Google search done today is for a local service or business, that is 20 Billion a month
  • The ROI of local ranking beats any traditional lead source by over 40%

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