Koi Pond Aquaponics Update

It has been almost a month since we our last Koi Pond Aquaponics Update so here goes.  First we’ve changed a lot of things as we went, but it’s looking good. I ordered a box of Koi from Blackwater Creek Koi Farms and we are very happy with what we got. I ordered the Mini Box which has 11-17 koi depending on size. Our box had 18 nice sized, and very healthy looking fish. They sent a good mix of Butterfly and regular, and many of them have some Gin Rin to them. Several of them are blue with some black and orange mixed in as well. I’ll get the GoPro out and see if I can get a good video of them in the pond.

Backyard Koi Pond Aquaponics Update 1

Black Water Creek Koi

I know this is a lot of koi for this size pond, we will be selling a few off as they get a little larger. So far the system has been keeping up with the huge amount of added fish nicely. I moved most of the lava rock from the bucket into the waterfall, and put the bucket at the far end of the grow beds to feed filtered water into it.

Plans are to add two 55 gallon barrels with one as a swirl filter and one as a sump. I would also like to add some 4″ pvc along the privacy fence we added and grow lettuce and kale in there in the fall.

We also added this solar power light http://amzn.to/2paAQj1  It’s surprisingly bright for being solar and $23!

The beds have several Bean plants, a few varieties of Tomatoes, Squash, Zucchini, Thai Basil, Kale, and some random Onions thrown in just to see what’s going to work here.

Things a growing along pretty nicely!